Purposes of Undergraduate Schools

Osaka University has 11 schools, foundations of education and research. These schools have been established for the purpose of nurturing professionals versed in the characteristics and scholarship of each school noted below.

School of Letters

The School of Letters aims to provide students with insight into the social and cultural facets of human existence, and, through education and research, to enable students to contribute logically and sensitively to the future of human society.

School of Human Sciences

The School of Human Sciences aims to nurture students who can view humans and society from a scientific viewpoint, and see and understand humans in such as way as to contribute to a more "human" society.

School of Foreign Studies

The School of Foreign Studies aims to nurture students with the ability to teach and learn languages, as well as the culture that is an integral part of those languages. The department also aims to provide comprehensive understanding in order that students will be able to contribute positively to international activities through their linguistic abilities.

School of Law

The School of Law aims to nurture students with an understanding of life styles and roles in society through education and research in the laws and politics that have developed over the long history of our society, and to graduate persons capable of serving as human and world leaders possessing logical thinking and excellent communication skills.

School of Economics

The School of Economics aims to nurture students able to employ their knowledge of economics and management and make academic contributions based on logical, empirical, and historical approaches in economic and management systems. Additionally, the School of Economics aims to nurture students with a passion for enhancing human welfare, and who possess an understanding of social issues in Japan and the world.

School of Science

The School of Science aims to nurture students who have a flexible way of thinking thanks to their broad and basic knowledge of natural science, who have developed a keen instinct and understanding of nature, with the ability to thereby contribute to society.

Faculty of Medicine

The School of Medicine aims to nurture medical doctors, engineers, and researchers with creative advanced medical and clinical skills and who possess a high sense of ethics and compassion as persons responsible for the future of medicine and medical treatment.

School of Dentistry

The School of Dentistry aims to nurture medical personnel who will contribute to society through advancing education, research and training in all aspects of dentistry.

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to nurture students with integrated understanding of the scientific disciplines involved in the design, action, delivery, disposition, and use of drugs, and who, through this scholarship, contribute to society in the development and correct use of medicines, and a secure, safe living environment.

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering aims to nurture engineers and researchers possessing basic engineering abilities, perspicacity, and a high ethical sense enabling them to contribute positively to society by helping create a society in which humans live in greater harmony with nature.

School of Engineering Science

The School of Engineering Science has set the fundamental development of science and technology and the creation of a more genuine human culture based on development as its leading educational principle. The School aims to nurture the following personnel through providing professional education well-balanced between science and engineering and high-quality liberal arts education to nurture humanity.

  1. Creative personnel with specializations enabling them to conduct research and development, ranging from the basic to the highly specialized.
  2. Personnel who can be active in new interdisciplinary fields with their high expertise and wide range of knowledge.
  3. Personnel possessing comprehensive understanding and compassion, who can make positive contributions to international society and local communities
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