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Osaka University Research Abroad Program and Osaka University Visiting Scholar Program

As part of its Academic Initiatives, Osaka University is implementing the Osaka University Research Abroad Program and the Osaka University Visiting Scholar Program. Both programs are targeted at full-time researchers at Osaka University.

These programs aim, through joint authorship of international theses and establishment of international joint labs, etc., to increase opportunities for conducting international joint research projects at and by Osaka University. Furthermore, these programs aim to contribute to the strengthening of OU research by supporting plans to send OU researchers overseas and accept overseas researchers at OU research labs.

Osaka University is seeking researchers interested in this program.

For more information about recruitment and necessary documents for application, visit My Handai (internal use only).

Osaka University will provide support for travel and living expenses, participation fees for academic meetings, as well as expenses for employing research supporters for OU researchers planning to conduct research at overseas institutes, and the same for international researchers planning to conduct research at Osaka University.

For more information, contact:

International Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs


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