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Research Internships

In Research Internships, participants undertake real world research topics for 2~3 months in corporate research divisions. Through research with goals, scales, and processes that differ from the ones found in university laboratories, researchers can gain a range of experience and develop themselves as researchers.

This project is not just for developing young researchers. Expert knowledge of young researchers participating in this project often contributes to solving corporate challenges, so this project receives high praise from the corporations taking in these researchers as interns.

Government agencies and corporations are paying attention to Research Internships. Osaka University has been involved in Research Internships and achieved satisfactory results, accumulating know-how for the last 10 years.

Affiliated with Collaborative Education for Next-Generation INnovators & Exploration of knowledge intersections (C-Engine) and together with other affiliated universities and corporations, Osaka University makes strong efforts for internships aimed at developing young researchers.

For more information on Research Internships, click here.

*Research Internships are carried out as part of the activity of the Osaka University Career Center.

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