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Crystal Structure of Phycocyanobilin:Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase in Complex with Biliverdin IXf¿, a Key Enzyme in Biosynthesis of Phycocyanobilin

a) Overall structure of the PcyA-BV complex. The ribbon model is displayed with the N-terminal side in blue and the C-terminal side in red. The BV molecule is shown as a stick model with carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms in grey, red, and blue, respectively.
b) Electrostatic potential of the PcyA-BV complex. Positive and negative surfaces are shown in blue and red, respectively. BV is shown as stick model.
c) Close-up view of BV-binding site. BV has a U-shape, permitting the two reduction sites close to each other. The central Asp residue may change its side-chain conformation in the serial reduction.


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