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Research at OU

Research at Osaka University

Researchers Database
The Researchers Database contains information on virtually all researchers and research at Osaka University, including even the President.
Prizes and Awards won by OU researchers
Researchers at Osaka University have won many prizes and awards, both international and domestic.

Approaches to COI Management

Conflict of Interest Management
Information regarding the management of Conflict of Interest at Osaka University can be found at the link below.

Office of Management and Planning (former Support Office for Large-Scale Education and Research Projects)

Research Administration and Institutional Research
The Office of Management and Planning at Osaka University is engaged in research promotion and university management through (a) Research administration activity by university research administrators (URAs): data collection, analysis, and proposals for improving research quality, and support for researchers for external funding, and (b) Institutional Research (IR) activity: data collection and analysis regarding education and research as well as financial and personnel affairs, which are necessary for developing the university’s strategies.

Soliciting OU Faculty or Staff for Side Jobs

Soliciting Osaka University Faculty or Staff for Second Jobs
Businesses are requested to follow specified procedures prior to recruiting full-time university faculty or staff for second jobs

Interuniversity Bio-Backup Project for Basic Biology (IBBP)

Center of Innovation Science and Technology based Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (COI STREAM)

Human Resource Development through Industry-University Co-Creation

Innovation Education Program
The Innovation Education Program by the Co-Creative Education Division in the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation of the Co-Creation Bureau is a program for students to acquire the skills necessary to create innovation.
Research Internships
In Research Internships, participants undertake real world research for 2~3 months in corporate research divisions. Through research with goals, scales, and processes that differ from the ones found in university laboratories, researchers can gain a wide range of experience and develop themselves as researchers.
In the OU-EXPLORER program, graduate students and young researchers will form cross-sectoral teams to find challenges that they should address together with corporations in response to topics presented by the corporations. They will perform this through discussions with persons who presented the challenges and subsequent approaches to parties in and outside the university.
Osaka University Innovators' Club
Osaka University Innovators’ Club was established as a voluntary activity community for individuals who are interested in innovation, new businesses, startups, and student-initiated business ventures. This club provides those who aspire to becoming innovators in the future with a variety of information and supports.

Initiative for Life Design Innovation (iLDi)

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