Talk with the President #6 held (AY2023)
2024.2.6 Tue
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Talk with the President #6 held (AY2023)

The sixth session in the Talks with the President series for AY2023, in which President NISHIO Shojiro and OU students discuss key issues, was held in the President's Office on Monday, January 22, 2024.

Six graduate students made presentations on the topics noted below under the theme of “How I Develop my Expertise -- What I Learn at OU and the Future Direction of my Research,” having lively discussions with President Nishio while exchanging opinions on each topic.


  • Advancing to a Doctoral Program after Graduation
  • The Potential that Research on Written Prayers (Ganmon) in the Heian Period Draws Interest from International Researchers
  • How to Explain Complex Information to Non-Experts
  • Composite Materials Engineering, Medical-Engineering Collaboration, Business Contests, Development of New Products, and Double Degrees
  • Future Development of Clinical Radiologists
  • Balancing Clinical Work and Research

These talk sessions will continue to be held monthly for the rest of this academic year for a total of 8 sessions.

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