METI quantum engineers visit OU
2024.1.22 Mon
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METI quantum engineers visit OU

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, quantum engineers from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) visited Osaka University’s Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology (QIQB).

After listening to an overview of current endeavors at QIQB by Director KITAGAWA Masahiro and an explanation about the current state of quantum computing, particularly about the development of quantum error correction (QEC), by Vice Director FUJII Keisuke, the group enthusiastically shared opinions on the future prospects of quantum computing.

While viewing actual superconducting quantum computers, the group received a specific explanation about mechanisms of the computers by Director NEGORO Makoto, and discussed the current state of and challenges facing quantum computer development in Japan.

In front of the quantum computers at QIQB

Next, the group toured ion trap facilities under the guidance by Professor TOYODA Kenji and, guided by Vice Director YAMAMOTO Takashi, they inspected experimental facilities regarding quantum networks, quantum optics, and cold atoms and had a lively discussion about future research and development plans with the QIQB staff.

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