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INOUE Shinji, Minister for EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, visits Osaka University


On July 10, 2021, INOUE Shinji, Minister for EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, visited Osaka University’s Suita Campus to have a conversation with President NISHIO Shojiro. Also in attendance for this conversation was Osaka Prefecture Vice Governor YAMAGUCHI Nobuhiko.

President Nishio, who also serves as senior advisor for EXPO 2025, explained about the university’s endeavors for the EXPO, saying, “The theme for the EXPO, ‘Designing Future Society for Our Lives,’ shares similarities with Osaka University’s philosophy of ‘Lead Your Life.' OU will contribute to the success of the EXPO by promoting co-creation on a global scale and student participation according to the Osaka Declaration and Action Plan for Achieving 'Future Society for Our Lives.'"

Minister Inoue expressed his expectations for OU's endeavors, saying, “As a leading university in the Kansai region, I expect OU to share information for the success of the EXPO.”

Following their conversation, Minister Inoue looked at some of OU’s research achievements at the Co-Creative Innovation Building.  

First, Director KITAGAWA Masahiro of the Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology (QIQB) introduced cutting-edge quantum research at QIQB and its Quantum Software Research Hub, which was selected to a JST funding program.

JST: Japan Science and Technology Agency

Next, Director SEKINO Tohru of the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR) introduced an overview of the institute and its efforts for EXPO 2025.

Then, Professor TANIGUCHI Masateru of ISIR explained and demonstrated an intelligent nanopore system to detect SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, which allows for detection of coronavirus causing COVID-19 quickly and precisely. Mr. Inoue watched it with interest.

Finally, Executive Vice President KAWAHARA Genta in charge of EXPO 2025 Affairs said, “Osaka University hopes to be involved with EXPO 2025 in a variety of ways, including opening a booth at the pavilions. We also want to answer requests from corporations and other entities.” In response, Minister Inoue said that his visit was very meaningful.

Minister INOUE Shinji (left) and President NISHIO Shojiro

Professor Taniguchi gives an explanation on screening test equipment to Minister Inoue

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