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COVID-19 Response Fund: OU calls for donations to support frontline medical staff response


We would like to express our gratitude to everyone in helping us mobilize the university in response to COVID-19, although the end to the pandemic remains distant.

While accepting COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, Osaka University Hospital has continued to also provide general practice services in order to fulfill its role as a core hospital in the region, with measures to prevent in-hospital infections, including PCR testing, in place.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, in order to ease some of the burden on frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19, OU has taken various measures, such as providing special allowances, sending in staff to provide assistance, and establishing a temporary childcare facility.

To back up these efforts, Osaka University Foundation for the Future launched the “COVID-19 Response Fund (to Support Frontline Healthcare Workers) and, in the last fiscal year, the university used money from this fund to make up for a shortfall in subsidies from Osaka Prefecture as special allowances to these healthcare workers.

In fact, the university paid 25,000,000 yen to its faculty and staff members who interact with COVID-19 patients, either directly or indirectly. The university still supports these medical workers using systems of the central and local governments, but it's not enough.

Our appeal for funding is to help these medical workers to continue their invaluable work. We are asking for donations for this fundraising campaign to support medical staff. We hope that you will understand the purpose of this fund and consider helping to support our efforts.

NISHIO Shojiro

President, Osaka University

How to donate

COVID-19 Response Fund (to Support Frontline Healthcare Workers)

Refer to this page for more information. (link in Japanese)


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