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Mouse captured: Runaway transgenic mouse safe on campus


An experimental mouse was captured near the entrance of a prefabricated facility in the underground pit of the Graduate School of Medicine’s Research Building on Tuesday, April 6. The temporary facility was set up for the Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences, which is currently under renovations. Later, the mouse was found to be genetically modified.

The mice kept at the Institute have no effects on human health. In addition, it is believed that the mouse could not have escaped outside of the research building or affected the environment in any way due to the structural limit of the underground pit where the mouse was captured.

However, the university deeply apologizes for the discovery of this genetically modified mouse, which should be under strict control, outside of its controlled area.

Osaka University takes this situation very seriously and will do its very best to prevent recurrence of this type of incident by strengthening laboratory animal management systems and retraining faculty and staff members who utilize these facilities. We will announce any further details once they are available.


Research Promotion Division, Department of Research Promotion (TEL: 06-6879-7034)

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