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HEARTROID PROJECT wins Future Creative Invention Award at the 2021 National Invention Awards -- OU’s third consecutive award


The HEARTROID PROJECT, an Osaka University-led project to develop a cardiac catheter simulator for medical doctors and students, in cooperation with JMC Corporation and Fuyo Corporation, was started in 2013.

From OU, Professor SAKATA Yasushi (Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine) and Specially Appointed Instructor (full-time) OKAYAMA Keita (Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics) joined this project. This group won the Future Creative Invention Award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation at the 2021 National Invention Awards for “the invention of a cardiac catheterization simulator using X-ray fluoroscopy.”

The Future Creative Invention Award is awarded to outstanding inventions from small and medium-sized enterprises, business ventures, universities, and public research institutes.

This invention is a medical training system for cardiac catheter intervention. In this simulator, transparent heart models, which are made based on computed tomography (CT) data using 3D printing technology, provide high visibility for catheter use simulation and facilitate technical training for medical procedures. The heart model is placed in a transparent tank filled with water and mock blood is circulated in the model using a pulsatile pump. By changing the model, medical trainees can carry out training for various medical procedures, including PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention), under X-ray fluoroscopy, just like in a real catheter lab.

This invention has allowed doctors and medical workers around the world to easily perform training. As of May 2021, this product is introduced in 25 countries and regions, including the usage in major academic conferences in Europe and North America.

In association with this award, Osaka University received the “Future Creative Invention Contribution Award.” This is the 3rd year in a row that Osaka University has received this award.

Cardiac catheter intervention simulator

X-ray image of cardiac catheterization shown by this simulator

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