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Ceremony for the 2020-21 Science Award for Female Graduate Students held


*Masks were worn for the entirety of the ceremony and were only removed temporarily for photos.

Osaka University established the Science Award for Female Graduate Students in 2019-2020 in order to recognize superior performances by female graduate students in scientific fields in the hopes of motivating these outstanding female students who wish to advance to doctoral programs and/or become researchers. 

On Monday, April 5, the award ceremony for the 2020-2021 Science Award for Female Graduate Students was held at MO Hall in Osaka University’s Convention Center, where 13 students were presented with award certificates and supplementary prizes. Following this, President NISHIO Shojiro offered his congratulations to the recipients. 

Later, OGURA Monami of the Graduate School for Frontier Biosciences greeted attendees as representative of the award recipients. She expressed both her joy in having her research accomplishments recognized and her determination to take her research activity to the next level as a role model for future female science students. 

Finally, Osaka University Professor Emeritus TOYODA Masao (former Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering), who was committed to the establishment of this award, congratulated the recipients, expressing his expectations for their continued success.



For more details, please view the following reports regarding the ceremony. (links in Japanese)

Osaka University Center for Gender Equality Promotion 
Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment 

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