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Osaka University Center for Infectious Disease Education and Research (CiDER) opens


Osaka University has made efforts to realize a society in which people can stay active longer (thanks to extended healthy life expectancy) and enjoy happy and fulfilling lives respecting each other's individuality.

The spread of COVID-19 has highlighted some of the challenges that Japan faces, such as information both factual and inaccurate disseminated on the internet and television, lack of basic research regarding infectious diseases (the important of which has been downplayed), and a health care system not equipped to handle infectious diseases.

Learning from the COVID-19 crisis, Osaka University established the Center for Infectious Disease Education and Research (CiDER) in April 2021 in order to coalesce knowledge and talent for overcoming this national crisis and preparing for the spread of future infectious diseases.

This Center, in cooperation with institutes and industrial circles in Japan and from around the world, will protect ”Our life and activity” from the threat of infectious disease through:

  1. Dissemination of comprehensive information based on scientific evidence
  2. Comprehensive research on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  3. Education and training of medical workers on the latest technology and knowledge regarding prevention measures for infectious diseases and development of leaders who will implement these measures

Osaka University will utilize its strengths as a comprehensive university to contribute to conquering infectious diseases, a challenge common to all of humanity.

Center for Infectious Disease Education and Research (CiDER)

Protecting lives and livelihoods from infectious diseases – What OU can do to prepare for the society of the future (ResOU) (link in Japanese)

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