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Congratulations! 2020 Spring Entrance Ceremony held for new second year students after year-long delay


On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Osaka University held a belated entrance ceremony at Osaka-jo Hall for students who entered the university in the spring of 2020. Originally scheduled to be held in April 2020, the ceremony was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some 2,850 of the 6,397 students (3,405 undergraduates and 2,992 graduate students) who entered the university in April 2020 were in attendance for this entrance ceremony, which was held with measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including body temperature checks and the use of hand sanitizer at the entrance to the venue, wearing face masks, and entering the venue in separate groups to avoid crowds. 

At the ceremony, which began at 2:30 pm in a solemn atmosphere, two student representatives, MORITA Yukiko (Faculty of Medicine) and KIKUCHI Akari (Graduate School of Human Sciences), made oaths of admission.

In their oaths of admission, the students expressed their gratitude for finally being able to attend their entrance ceremony as well as their determination.

“I spent my first year at OU searching for a way to get through these difficult times, although I didn’t know the right answer as we were all battling an invisible, unknown foe. Moving forward, I will dedicate my life to self-improvement while learning by trial and error.”  (Ms. Morita)

"Last year, many of my friends had to alter the content of the research due to restrictions in response to the pandemic. I will devote myself to my research so that I can contribute to the development of research and society." (Ms. Kikuchi)

President Nishio expressed his respect to those who have studied hard in the harsh environment during the COVID-19 pandemic and congratulated them on the first day of their new start. 

After a year-long delay, students' faces were brimming with joy at their much anticipated entrance ceremony.

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