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A huge thank you to Minoh Campus! Closing Ceremony held


On March 31, 2021, the last day of the Minoh Campus in Aomatani, Minoh, a closing ceremony for the campus was held.

President NISHIO Shojiro declared the closing of the campus, expressing his gratitude to the campus where many students, faculty and staff members spent precious time.

Under the gaze of participants, the “Osaka University” nameplate was taken down from the main gate by President Nishio and Dean of the School of Foreign Studies TAKEMURA Keiko.

Following the closing address from Dean Takemura, the campus's history came to a close to big smiles and applause – both the 41 year and 7 month-history as Osaka University of Foreign Studies (founded in September 1979) and the 13 and a half year-history as Osaka University’s Minoh Campus (merged with OU in October 2007).

From tomorrow, April 1, 2021, a new page in the history of Osaka University's Minoh Campus will begin in the Semba area of Minoh City, where the new campus will serve as a place to continue developing internationally-minded citizens in Osaka in the next century and beyond.

President Nishio declares the the closing of the Minoh Campus


From left: Executive Vice President MITSUNARI Kenji, Executive Vice President TANAKA Toshihiro, President NISHIO Shojiro, Dean TAKEMURA Keiko, Dean OKATA Shin (Graduate School of Language and Culture), Director KATO Kin (Center for Japanese Language and Culture), Executive Vice President NAKATANI Kazuhiko


President Nishio and Dean Takemura remove the Osaka University nameplate


 Dean Takemura greets attendees

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