2021.3.29 Mon
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Ceremony held to grant title of Osaka University Distinguished Professor to three professors and award the President's Special Prize

Osaka University has awarded the title of Osaka University Distinguished Professor to the following professors:

  • KINSUI Satoshi (Graduate School of Letters)
  • OKADA Yukinori (Graduate School of Medicine)
  • NISHINO Kunihiko (The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research)

The university established the title of "Osaka University Distinguished Professor" in the 2017-2018 academic year in order to increase motivation of its faculty members and secure outstanding individuals who support university management.

List of Osaka University Distinguished Professors

In addition, Associate Professor MIURA Ayumi (Graduate School of Language and Culture), a recipient of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Prize and Japan Academy Medal Prize in the 2020-21 academic year, was presented with the President’s Special Prize.

On Monday, March 29, 2021, the ceremony for granting the title of Distinguished Professor was held on Osaka University's Suita Campus with measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The title recipients received a commemorative plaque from President Nishio. The President’s Special Prize was also presented during this ceremony.

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