2021.12.28 Tue
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Bicycle sharing service now available on the Toyonaka Campus

Toyonaka City has implemented demonstration experiments on bicycle sharing services since November 2019 with the aim of revitalizing the city and improving citizens’ health.

Up until now, these experiments were being held in the central and southern areas of the city, but these experiments have expanded to cover the northern area as well. With this expansion comes the establishment of bicycle sharing stations (“Cycle Ports”) at Osaka University’s Toyonaka Campus.

Three Cycle Ports were established on campus at Bicycle Parking under "Handai-zaka" [Osaka University Slope], Cybermedia Center Bicycle Parking, and Bicycle Parking near the Main Gate (see the map below for location details). These Cycle Ports are expected to have a number of positive effects, such as making campus life more convenient for students, faculty, and staff, reducing the number of bicycles parked on campus (both with and without permission), and contributing to development of the region.


These bicycles can be shared at any of OpenStreet’s HELLO CYCLING Cycle Ports, not only those in Toyonaka City, but also even those in other municipalities, meaning you can hop on a bicycle at a Cycle Port close to your home and ride it to the university, or ride a bicycle from a Cycle Port at the university to one at a train station, all you need is your smartphone!

For an overview of these bicycle sharing demonstration experiments, information on how to use this bicycle sharing service, and rental fees, click the link below. (link in Japanese)


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