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OUVC Fund 2, a vehicle for private equity funds, formed


Osaka University Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (OUVC), a fully owned subsidiary of Osaka University, formed a limited partnership as a vehicle for private equity funds on January 1, 2021. OU will invest 6.53 billion yen into this Osaka University Venture Capital Fund 2 (OUVC Fund 2).

Three recipients of funding from OUVC Fund 1 (established in July 2015) are listed on the stock market. Using the know-how acquired through OUVC Fund 1, OU will invest in business ventures that make use of research results from OU and other national universities.

Osaka University, in cooperation with OUVC, will strive to commercialize innovative seeds of technology that will lead to the solution of social issues by consistently implementing a process of nurturing promising research findings, creating ventures, and supporting venture development.

For more details, click here. (link in Japanese)

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