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PROSPECTUS 2021 has been published!


Our all-new English-language 2021 Prospectus has been released! Packed with information showcasing the appeal of the city of Osaka, Osaka University's diversity, and our strength of research, this Prospectus aims to be a jumping off point to introduce you to our university's increasingly global community!

Prospectus is composed of a photo section and a data section.

The photo section showcases the uniqueness of Osaka University and the city of Osaka through photos while simultaneously conveying the message that “you can do anything” (i.e. our concept of “Do it all”) from the perspective of students and researchers coming to Osaka from overseas, while the data section gives an outline of our institution through data and interviews. To commemorate the 90th anniversary of Osaka University and 100th anniversary of Osaka University of Foreign Studies, the cover is decorated with our anniversary logo.

Click here to view PROSPECTUS 2021.


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