President Nishio offers New Year’s Greeting
2021.1.12 Tue
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President Nishio offers New Year’s Greeting

President NISHIO Shojiro offered his New Year's Greeting to Osaka University faculty and staff at the Osaka University Convention Center on Tuesday, January 12.

After expressing his gratitude to medical workers and all other members of the university community who perform their duties amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he spoke about the future direction of the university at the beginning of the year of Osaka University’s 90 th and Osaka University of Foreign Language’s 100 th anniversary.

President Nishio said, “This year will be a turning point for OU to achieve the 4 th medium-term goals for the period from 2022-23 through 2027-28 and an important period for laying the groundwork for implementing our focused strategies in the OU Master Plan.”

He concluded his greeting by calling for active and continuous communications between OU community members and organizations in order to thrive in this era and create a new society.

This greeting from the President was offered with limited attendance as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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