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The fruits of research at OU delivered straight to you: ResOU, the portal site for research at Osaka University, gets an all-new look!


Osaka University, which strives to be an innovative university that lives locally and grows globally, is in the process of overhauling its official websites to provide users with a modern, content-rich browsing experience.

On Tuesday, December 1, ResOU, the portal site for research at Osaka University, received a brand-new look, complete with all-new functionality.

In order for Osaka University to continue to receive support from society, ResOU features articles outlining the latest information on research at the university and interviews with enthusiastic researchers. Opened in 2013, ResOU had over 1 million page views in the 2019-2020 academic year, and this academic year, the website has already surpassed the page view numbers from the previous academic year.

We hope you will continue to enjoy exploring the myriad of research at Osaka University on the all-new ResOU.

The home page of the mobile version of the new ResOU (Japanese language ver.)


The home page of the desktop version of the new ResOU (Japanese language ver.)

What's new about ResOU?

• Developed as a Single Page Application (SPA), the new ResOU is faster and more responsive than ever, providing a rich browsing experience on mobile screens of various sizes.

• The imaginative design of the new ResOU was created to bring happiness to the world through research, giving users a sense of excitement to learn new things and explore the depth of research performed at Osaka University. Visit the new ResOU and enjoy the fruits of world-class research at OU just as you would enjoy a delicious meal served at a high-class restaurant!


Public Relations Division, Department of Planning, Osaka University

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