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The title of Osaka University Distinguished Professor granted to four professors


Osaka University has awarded the title of Osaka University Distinguished Professor to the following professors:


  • SAWA Yoshiki (Graduate School of Medicine)
  • ICHI Hiroki (Graduate School of Letters)
  • KUWAKINO Koji (Graduate School of Letters)
  • MATSUBAYASHI Tetsuya (Osaka School of International Public Policy)

The university established the title of "Osaka University Distinguished Professor" in the 2017-2018 academic year in order to increase motivation of its faculty members and secure outstanding individuals who support university management.

List of Osaka University Distinguished Professors

On Thursday, November 26, the ceremony for granting of the title was held at the Convention Center on the Osaka University's Suita Campus with measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The title recipients received a commemorative plaque from President Nishio. (Professor Ichi was absent due to personal reasons.)

President Nishio gave an encouraging message to the recipients, saying, “Your research achievements are connected across disciplines, utilized by society, and then returned to the university as new challenges. You are devoting yourself to research while earning honors as researchers in such a virtuous cycle. Your sincere attitude toward research will greatly affect younger researchers and encourage OU community members.”

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