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Ensuring a comfortable environment for students taking tests on December 20, 2020


To university staff, students, and individuals from outside the university,

On Sunday, December 20, 2020, Osaka University will hold the 2021 Comprehensive Selection & Admission by School Recommendation (Letters, Human Sciences, Foreign Studies, Law, Economics, Science, Dentistry, Engineering).

Consequently, we ask for your cooperation in creating an environment that will allow for smooth administration of these tests.

To this end, during the above dates, please observe the following:

  1. Only persons designated by the testing administrator may be admitted to the area(s) and/or building(s) where testing is taking place.
  2. Gatherings, demonstrations, and other noisy activities are strictly forbidden.
  3. Notices may not be posted in any locations other than designated bulletin boards.
  4. Any business activity not permitted by the university is prohibited (soliciting to apartments, etc.)
  5. Any and all other types of activities which might hinder or obstruct smooth test administration are strictly forbidden.

Osaka University
November 18, 2020

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