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SSI Cooperation Project “Biodiversity Conservation via University-Community Co-creation” receives the 6th Sustainable Campus Award


The Social Solution Initiative (SSI) Cooperation Project “Biodiversity Conservation via University-Community Co-creation” received the 6th Sustainable Campus Award, sponsored by the CAS-Net JAPAN (Campus Sustainability Network in Japan), for university management and regional partnership.


This project aims to create networks and systems for promoting sustainable development of local communities by recruiting fellows through research and education activities by university community members and local individuals and groups. Through these collaborative activities, participants will understand biodiversity and be willing to protect and foster it. This project is also related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Primary members of the project:

  • NAKAJIMA Hiroaki (student, doctoral program in the Graduate School of Science)
  • FURUYA Hidetaka (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science)
  • MATSUMOTO Kaoru (visiting fellow of the doctoral program in the Graduate School of Science/teacher, Toneyama High School)
  • KURIHARA Sachiko (Osaka University Press)
  • OHKUBO Noriko (Professor, Graduate School of Law and Politics)
  • ITOH Takeshi (Professor, Social Solution Initiatives)
  • YOSHIOKA Satoshi (Associate Professor, Sustainable Campus Office)
  • IKEUCHI Hiromi (Associate Professor, Sustainable Campus Office)

In particular, the members of the Toneyama High School Ecology Club, under the guidance of Mr. Matsumoto, have made significant contributions to the project.

Members of this project received the award at the annual CAS-Net Japan Conference on Saturday, November 14, with NAKAJIMA Hiroaki delivering the acceptance speech.

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