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Osaka University Financial Report 2020


Osaka University has published the Osaka University Financial Report 2020.

In the past, Osaka University had published the leaflet version of its financial statement containing primarily numerical values for the purpose of presenting its financial situation. However, from 2019, the university has refreshed the layout of its latest Financial Report to help readers understand more about education and research at OU by explaining the basis for the figures included in the report.

Focusing on activity related to the 5 pillars listed in the OU Vision 2021, this report elaborates on goals, content, and challenges in various projects and their results through numerical values and illustrations portraying specific examples. This report was compiled for the purpose of introducing how OU has developed projects to achieve its vision from a university-wide perspective through use of its valuable financial resources.

In addition, this report explains how OU has made creative efforts to achieve the best investment results in projects from the viewpoint of "openness," the key concept of OU Vision 2021, depicting the “here and now” of OU, which fulfills its obligations as a player in education and academic research in Japan.

We hope that this report will help you get a better understanding about the university, which undertakes its endeavors with your invaluable support, the driving force of its education and research.

To view the Osaka University Financial Report 2020, click here. (Report in Japanese)

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