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Time to raise awareness about paternity leave and inclusivity in the workplace: “Iku-Boss & SOGI Ally Declarations” by OU executives


Osaka University strives to build a diverse and inclusive environment where everybody feels valued and can be productive.

Recently, President Nishio and executives, 22 in total, expressed their will to become Iku-bosses and SOGI allies in order to further raise people’s awareness of gender equality and SOGI inside and outside of the university.

"Iku-Boss Declaration" & "SOGI Ally Declaration"


Under the slogan of “Realize an inclusive campus to promote individuality,” executives and heads of the Administration Bureau will issue the following:

[Iku-boss Declaration]

 We will promote work life balance to revitalize the organization.

[SOGI Ally Declaration]

We will respect diversity and rights in sexual orientation and gender identity.

These executives’ declarations of their intent to become Iku-bosses*1 and SOGI allies*2 *3, will raise awareness of these issues not only in the community at OU, but also in society.

Osaka University is the first university in Japan to make these contemporaneous declarations by executives.

The university will move forward with activities to foster diversity and inclusion in society.


The website for the Osaka University Center for Gender Equality Promotion can be found here.

Terms and Definitions

*1 Iku-boss

An iku-boss is a boss who shows consideration and understanding for his subordinates’ and colleagues’ needs in child-rearing, caring for family members, and work-life balance.
Reference: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (


SOGI is the abbreviation for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. The gender to which you are sexually attracted and the gender with which you identify yourself are two separate concepts. LGBT is often used to describe people of a sexual minority; however, it’s impossible to dichotomize SOGI because there are variations in sexual orientation and gender identity. Based on the idea that all people have their own sexual orientation and gender identity, OU has chosen to use the term SOGI, which refers to a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

*The LGBT acronym consists of the following abbreviations:

L: Lesbian
G: Gay
B: Bisexual
T: Transgender
This acronym is also expressed as LGBTQ+ to include individuals who cannot/do not want to choose their gender identity. (Q: questioning/queer)

*3 Ally

An ally, from the Latin verb meaning “to bind to,” is used to describe “someone who supports underrepresented groups of people, such as those in the LBGT community."

One can become an ally regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Osaka University has chosen “SOGI Ally” in order to express its intent to respect and support diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity of people.

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