2020.5.14 Thu
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OU offers online counseling about higher education and a new YouTube channel entitled “Ask the OU Expert”

To high school students and prospective students:

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many of the explanatory sessions for higher education in which Osaka University had planned to participate have been cancelled or delayed.

Thus, the university is offering two services to help students choose their major and future career:

1) Online career counseling about higher education : In these counseling sessions, OU staff members give a helping hand to high school students, prospective students, and their parents. Feel free to ask any questions you want answered, such as “What qualities is OU looking for in its applicants?” and “What's unique about OU?” For more information, click here . (Registration is required. Each session will last for 20 minutes.)

Note: These online career counseling sessions are only available in Japanese.

2) New Official OU YouTube Channel “Ask the OU Expert” : These videos feature an OU expert answering questions frequently asked at explanatory sessions in the past. For more information, visit OU’s website for prospective students, “ Omoroi! Handai .” (link and videos in Japanese)

We hope these services will help you make decisions about your education and future career.


1) Regarding online career counseling about higher education:

Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs, Osaka University

2) Regarding OU Official YouTube Channel “Ask the OU Expert”:

Public Relations Division, Department of Planning

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