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Osaka University celebrates the anniversary of its founding on May 1


May 1st marks the anniversary of the founding of Osaka University.

On this day, eighty-nine years ago, in 1931, Osaka University was born as Osaka Imperial University with two schools, Science and Medicine.

In 2021, Osaka University will celebrate the 90th anniversary of its founding. In the very same year, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, which merged with Osaka University in 2007, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding.


In the past, Osaka University has held the Icho Festival in early May every year with the aim of celebrating the day of its founding, welcoming new students, and forming bonds between faculty, students, and people of the surrounding communities. However, this year, as previously announced, the university has decided to cancel this festival to prioritize the safety of attendees from the perspective of prevention of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Unfortunately, although we can’t gather together on OU’s campuses filled with beautiful green leaves this spring, Osaka University will continue to fulfill its duties as a university while responding to requests from the national and prefectural governments: delivering courses online and conducting COVID-19 research.

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