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Regarding Osaka University's response to the state-of-emergency declaration [April 13, 2020]


Regarding Osaka University's response to the state-of-emergency declaration [April 13, 2020]

In response to the rapid spread of COVID-19, the government of Osaka Prefecture has issued a request for all educational institutions (including universities), etc. within the prefecture to close from 14 April to 6 May.

Under this request, Osaka University has raised its response levels concerning university activities (as of 14 April) and asks for all members to adhere to the new levels. The university will continue its efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and asks for your understanding and cooperation regarding its response.


Response levels:

1. Lectures/classes: Level 4

・ All classes are to be conducted online.

・ All on-campus university network access points (such as those at the university libraries, etc.) will be shut-down.

・ If it becomes difficult for students to attend online classes due to this shut-down, their instruction will be implemented at a later date.


2. Academic staff/researcher activities: Level 3.5

・ Coming to a campus will be permitted when the purpose is related to online classes.

・ Coming to a campus will only be permitted if there is an urgent need or an ongoing experiment that cannot be stopped.

・ New experiments/research on campus must not begin.


3. Administrative staff: Level 4

・ Only the minimum number of staff required for emergency services (fire, flood, storm damage etc.) will be permitted on campuses. All other employees are not to come to work.

・ Only the minimum number of staff required for responses concerning COVID-19 policies will be permitted on campus.


4. Meetings, etc.: Level 4.5

・ Regularly held meetings are to be online only.

・ Meetings regarding policies for COVID-19 responses may be held as long as all participating members are less than 10.


5. Students: Level 3.5

・ Undergraduate students are not to come to any campus.

・ As a basic rule, master course students are not to come to the university.

・ Doctor course students who have an urgent need to come to the university (such as ongoing experiments/research) may be permitted on campus.


6. Extracurricular activities: Level 5

・ All extracurricular activities are suspended until further notice.


Osaka University Activity Standards can be found here.


For information regarding medical care at Osaka University Medical Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital, please refer to the links below.

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