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[Warning for Students] Regarding the use of applications that require your student ID/password


Fake university announcements disguised as Osaka University as well as smart phone applications and online services for creating class schedules are rife on the internet. Do not use these apps or services using your student ID and password. OU did not develop these applications and services nor is it related to these services in any way.

(The "MyHandai App" is the only official smart phone application of Osaka University.)

Providing any ID or password to a third party, be it your Osaka University student ID and password or otherwise, is very dangerous and can directly lead to leaks of personal information. Not only can you face leaks of personal information and grades and manipulation of course completion information, but this information may be misused for sending junk emails to others, and depending on the situation, you may incur damage claims.

In the terms of use for the Campus-wide IT Authentication Platform Service in Osaka University, users are obligated to follow the rules outlined below:

(User obligations)

Section 5: Users must follow the items outlined below.

(1) Do not lend or transfer your Osaka University student ID to any third party.

(2) Properly maintain your Osaka University student ID in order to prevent theft.

If you are using an application or web service other than the "MyHandai App" that requires your Osaka University student ID and password, immediately delete the application and change the password associated with your Osaka University student ID.

Campus-wide IT Authentication Platform Service in Osaka University (for changing password/user information)

Office for Information Security


MyHandai App

Public Relations Section, Public Relations Division, Department of Planning

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