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Notice regarding the new strain of coronavirus [first notice]


Currently, the spread of a new strain of coronavirus is centered in Wuhan, in the Northern Province of mainland China. Infections and deaths have been reported, and cases of the virus have already been confirmed in Japan.

Such being the case, please check the most up-to-date information using the listed websites below and take measures against infection.

In particular, those planning on travel to areas where the coronavirus is prevalent, please note the following recommendations (1-7).

Additionally, we will be posting any new information to our website, KOAN, etc. as needed. Please periodically check these sites.

1)  Please cease nonessential and non-urgent travel.* Also please bear in mind there is a possibility you may be unable to depart from a country even if passing through due to air travel/other methods of transportation being halted.

* The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a recommendation to cease travel to Hubei Province (risk level 3) as well as alerts regarding other parts of China (risk level 1).

2) When travel becomes unavoidable, check the newest information from the World Health Organization (WHO)'s website and your Embassy at your destination before traveling; stay away from contagion areas and try your utmost to take precautions, such as using alcohol disinfectant/soap when washing hands, etc.

3)  Please register your trip on Osaka University's Overseas Travel Registration System (students only).

4)  Please inform your family/friends/work, etc. of the address at your travel destination.

5)  Please obtain health insurance, as well as travel insurance, etc. that covers medical treatment due to infectious diseases.

6)  After returning to Japan, please take note of any changes in your health. If you notice a sudden fever, chills, or headache, etc., please quickly contact your nearest medical institution or health care center and follow their instructions.

7) Within Japan as well, avoid crowds, wear a surgical mask, wash your hands, and take any other prevention methods against the spread of infection.


For reference:

World Health Organization (WHO)

Overseas Travel Registration System



Executive Vice President of Global Engagement

SUZUKI Toshiyuki

Director, Department of Safety and Hygiene

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