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New Year's Greeting from President Nishio


On Monday, January 6, 2020, President NISHIO Shojiro held his New Year's Greeting for Osaka University faculty and staff at the Osaka University Convention Center on the Suita Campus, speaking about the current situation at Osaka University as well as the direction that the university will take moving forward along with all the members of the university.

President Nishio called for the efforts of the roughly 600 faculty and staff members in attendance, saying, “We must always remember that our role at the university is to perform outstanding research and provide students with education to help them become productive citizens that are capable of contributing to society. I want you to continue to push forward with your work and reflect on how it contributes to your roles while keeping in mind the impact your efforts in education and research have on society.”

He concluded his speech with enthusiasm, saying, “I believe that the scope of our education and research activities will expand through co-creation with society. We must not become conservative and isolate ourselves. Let’s come together in moving forward to contribute to social change.”





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