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Regarding Resident Applications for Osaka University Global Village Tsukumodai and Minoh Semba


With the aim of promoting a new housing establishment to spark interaction between individuals in an international living environment, Osaka University is preparing to open its Global Village.

Prior to the opening of Global Village Tsukumodai (student/staff dormitories) in October 2020 and Global Village Minoh Semba (student dormitories) in April 2021, the university has opened a homepage that gives an overview of the Global Village.

Further information will be published in the future, so please visit the link below.

In addition, application forms for Global Village Tsukumodai will be posted in January of 2020 and application forms for Global Village Minoh Semba will be posted in the summer of 2020.

Global Village Homepage

(Global Village Tsukumodai)

(Global Village Minoh Semba)

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