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Osaka University's management reform initiative selected for the MEXT 2019-2020 Subsidies for Promoting National University Reform


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected “The Construction of the Base for a Virtuous Cycle of Knowledge, Talent, and Funds that Utilizes the Strengths of Osaka University,” a management reform initiative at Osaka University, to receive “2019-2020 Subsidies for Promoting National University Reform (National University Reform Plan)".

In this plan, MEXT lends intensive support to swift, ambitious, progressive endeavors that are created based on a clear concept of management reform under the leadership of university presidents and can serve as a model for national universities toward the realization of Society 5.0, a super-smart society.

In its management reform initiative, Osaka University came up with “the establishment of a 'circular system' of R&D” as a specific direction for management reform to make the university a world-leading innovative university that contributes to social change, which the university sets a goal as a designated national university corporation.

That is, it is a system to build a virtuous cycle of research in which outstanding research results are shared with society via industry-university co-creation, new challenges are analyzed in that process, and those analysis results are put back into fundamental research to create even greater innovative value. This system improves and embodies the management reform concept of co-creation.

Through efforts to promote management reform and further develop its results and strength by using this plan, Osaka University will establish a 'circular system' of R&D, realize a stable, sustainable virtuous cycle of knowledge, talent, and funds, and foster innovation through co-creation with society.

Thus, the university will strive to become a world-leading innovative university that contributes to the happiness of humankind and present a new model of sustainable development for national universities.


[MEXT] 2019-2020 Subsidies for Promoting National University Reform

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