2019.10.28 Mon
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Professor KURISU Genji (Institute for Protein Research) and Professor KOBAYASHI Kensuke (Graduate School of Science) selected to receive Osaka Science Prize

Professor KURISU Genji of the Institute for Protein Research and Professor KOBAYASHI Kensuke of the Graduate School of Science were selected to receive the 37th Osaka Science Prize (2019) .

The Osaka Science Prize was established in 1983 by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and Osaka Science and Technology Center (OSTEC) to contribute to new developments in the 21st century and human society of the future. Two promising young researchers who have produced remarkable research results are chosen to receive the prize each year, and this year, both of the researchers selected were from Osaka University.

The award ceremony and commemorative lecture will be held on Wednesday, November 13 at Osaka Science & Technology Center (OSTEC).

Follow the links below for more information on the selected researchers and their prize-winning research activity:

Osaka University Institute for Protein Research Kurisu Laboratory
Osaka University Graduate School of Science
Kobayashi Group

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