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Notice and apology regarding suspicious emails impersonating Osaka University


National University Corporation Osaka University


Since Friday, September 27, 2019, it has been confirmed that suspicious emails impersonating Osaka University have been in circulation. These emails take the guise of a response to actual emails exchanged between the university and individuals from related institutes; however, these suspicious emails contain a virus.

The details are still under investigation, but if you happen to receive one of these suspicious emails, do not open any attachment or click on any of the links in the email in question under any circumstance.

If you happen to open any attachment or access any URL associated with these suspicious emails, disconnect your computer from the internet immediately.

The university deeply apologizes for any trouble and concern caused by these suspicious emails.

We will continue to strengthen preventative measures and surveillance in order to ensure secure operations. We humbly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Example of detected suspicious email

Currently, suspicious emails with the following content have been detected, but please also be aware of the possibility that other similar email templates may also be in circulation.


差出人 [Sender] (Osaka University, etc.)

件名 [Subject] Re: (subject of prior email)etc.

添付ファイル [Attached file]: 419-20190927.doc (Note: Other file names may also exist)

メール本文 [Body]



Please submit your data and confirm the above.  


Thank you.

(Osaka University, etc.)

********@****  (Osaka University email address, etc.)

(The conversation found in previous emails is displayed below.)



Contact regarding this matter

Information and Communications Technology Services Infrastructure Division, Department of Information and Communications Technology Services

(Direct Line: 06-6879-4482)

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