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Handling of the "English Certification Examination" if unable to be taken due to special circumstances from the 2021-2022 Entrance Examinations (July 2019)


With regards to the "English Certification Examination" to be conducted under the framework of the Universal University Entrance Test to be introduced from the 2021-2022 entrance examinations, students who...

1) have difficulties taking the "English Certification Examination" for economic reasons,

2) live/attend school in remote areas/isolated islands,

3) have lived overseas for a certain period of time or,

4) cannot take the "English Certification Examination" due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances

may have measures taken to reduce the burden of taking the "English Certification Examination." (This applies equally for General Screening, Talent-oriented Examinations, and Examinations for Admission by Recommendation.)

For details, please refer to the 2021 Entrance Examination page.

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