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Now accepting applications for the 2019 Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Award for Excellence


Based on a large number of donations, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) presents the Award for Excellence to students who, despite difficulties in their studies due to economic reasons, have achieved remarkable accomplishments in the areas of academia, culture and art, sports, social contributions, industrial innovation/ventures, and international exchange, with the goal of encouraging and supporting these individuals and contributing to the development of human resources that will become promising major players in the 21st century.

Applications for the 2019 Award for Excellence can be found on the Award for Excellence page. (link in Japanese) Those who wish to apply should carry out the appropriate procedures during the application period.

1. Who may apply

(1) Undergraduate students at Osaka University
• Not eligible: International students, Japanese students currently studying abroad, individuals repeating the same year, anyone who has ever been enrolled in graduate school, individuals with a bachelor's degree

(2) Individuals receiving financial aid from JASSO or individuals who fulfill the recommendation requirements for Type II financial aid (regardless of receiving financial aid or not)

2. Areas to be awarded

A. Academia, B. Culture/Art, C. Sports, D. Social Contribution, E. Industrial Innovation/Ventures, F. International Exchange

3. Prizes

Grand Prize 500,000 JPY
Merit Award
300,000 JPY
Honorable Mention
100,000 JPY

4. How to Apply

Please submit your application directly to the Toyonaka Student Center

 *For more details, click here.

5. Application Deadline

Friday, August 2, 2019 at 17:00 (Late applications will not be accepted.)

• Application form submissions/contact

Japan Student Services Organization Section, Toyonaka Student Center (2F, Student Service and Union, Toyonaka Campus)
TEL: 06-6850-5037

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