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Professor Emeritus ITOZAKI Hideo receives "21st Century Invention Award" at the National Invention Awards


Professor Emeritus ITOZAKI Hideki and President NISHIO Shojiro won the “21st Century Invention Award” and the “21st Century Invention Contribution Award,” respectively. Professor Emeritus ITOZAKI was recognized for his “invention of technology for detecting bottled liquid explosives by near infrared.” The award ceremony was held by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation at Hotel Okura Tokyo on June 10.

The prize-winning invention is a device used to externally scan and detect liquid explosives in drinks carried by airline passengers. Using an infrared wavelength that is slightly longer than that of visible light, the device can analyze bottled liquids instantly.

This technology, the first and only technology from Japan to be recognized by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), was commercialized by Kumahira Co., Ltd through its research and development. Their liquid explosive scanners are used not only in Japan, but also in some overseas airports, contributing to creating a safe and secure society as anti-terrorism security measures.

In this 100th award ceremony held with Masahito, Prince Hitachi, president of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Professor Emeritus Itozaki and his wife, Director KANEDA Yasufumi of the Office for Industry-University Co-Creation (in place of President Nishio), were in attendance to receive their respective awards.

Professor Emeritus Itozaki spoke about his delight in receiving the award, saying, “It took 10 years from applying for a patent to intellectual property commercialization. Such burdens are associated with invention, so I’m happy to be able to receive this award. I’m so grateful to the staff members and students who helped make this possible.”

For more details, click here (Office for Industry-University Co-Creation, Co-Creation Bureau) (link in Japanese)

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