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[Second Notice] Regarding the classes from June 17th (Mon)


We cancelled all the events and activities on campus on June 16th (Sun), due to the case of attack on a police officer and handgun robbery in early morning June 16th (Sun) in Suita City.


Regarding the classes from June 17th (Mon), we have decided that all classes will be held as usual on all three campuses (Suita, Toyonaka, Minoh), unless otherwise requested by the police, etc.


To students, please give top priority to your safety, when you go to and from campus and also in your extracurricular activities.

Please refrain from your activities after sunset, and be careful such as making sure to lock your home.


We will strengthen the campus security system, in order to secure the safety of students at the university.

If there are changes in our future measures, we will notify you through such means as Osaka University website and KOAN.

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