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Award recipients in the 8th Science Intercollegiate visit President Nishio


On Friday, April 5, 7 of the 8 prize recipients from Osaka University at the 8th Science Intercollegiate paid a visit to President NISHIO Shojiro and Executive Vice President KOBAYASHI Tadashi to report about their awards.

President Nishio had a message for the recipients, encouraging them to enter graduate school (especially the doctorate program) to gain even further expertise and acquire a multifaceted viewpoint. The students in attendance introduced their research, which were all brimming with individuality. FUKUYAMA Koki (School of Science) introduced the equipment he used in his experiments, while YAMASHITA Ryunosuke (School of Engineering) introduced the research he had developed from his time as a high school students in the Osaka University SEEDS Program. When KANEKO Yuto (2nd year, School of Science) and FUJII Shohei (3rd year, School of Science) introduced their research entitled “Sense of Science,” which was performed in a 10-person group in the School of Science, participants had an active discussion on the beauty of science and the difference in science between Japan and the rest of the world.

Also in attendance were Prof. NAKAZAWA Yasuhiro (Graduate School of Science) and Prof. NAKANO Masayoshi (Graduate School of Engineering Science), who explained that the educational programs in the Schools and Science and Engineering Science are built for motivated students to be able to actively perform research at their own pace from the time they are undergraduates.

Participating students were also able to actively ask questions to President Nishio and Executive Vice President Kobayashi, making for a pleasant gathering from start to finish.

Mr. Fukuyama will be presenting his research results on Thursday, May 2 at Osaka University Hall for the 2018-2019 Osaka University Independent Research Workshop.

8th Science Intercollegiate Prizewinners from OU

MEXT Minister Prize: FUKUYAMA Hiroki (3rd year, School of Science)

Science Intercollegiate Judge's Special Prize: KANEKO Yuto (2nd year, School of Science) / KAWAKAMI Yui (3rd year, School of Science) / FUJII Shohei (3rd year, School of Science)

Huawei Prize: SATO Yushi (4th year, Graduate School of Engineering Science)

SCREEN Prize: MORITOMO Akihiro (3rd year, School of Science)

Nippon Hume Prize: YAMASHITA Ryunosuke (1st year, School of Engineering)

Science Intercollegiate Consortium Honorable Mention: INAGAKI Michiya (4th year, School of Science)

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For the website for the 8th Science Intercollegiate, click here. (link in Japanese)

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