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Initiative for Life Design Innovation (iLDi) Kickoff Symposium: "The future society that the concept of 'Society 5.0' aims to realize" held


On Thursday, February 21, Osaka University held the kickoff symposium of “Initiative for Life Design Innovation (iLDi)” at Knowledge Capital in Grand Front Osaka’s North Building.

Osaka University, the only university to be selected for the (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) MEXT-financed aid project to achieve Society 5.0 in 2018, held a kickoff symposium as part of the university’s iLDi project.

Nearly 300 individuals involved with this project, including OU faculty and staff, corporate officials, and Osaka Prefectural staff, attended the symposium.

To start the symposium, greetings were given by NISHIO Shojiro ( Director, iLDi/Osaka University President), MATSUMOTO Hiroshi (President, RIKEN), and HARA Katsuhiko (Director General (Information Division), Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT).

Following this, YAGI Yasushi (Vice Director/Manager, iLDi; Executive Vice President, Osaka University) introduced iLDi.

In addition, NOMURA Takuya (President, SUPERSTATION, Inc./Policy Adviser to The Cabinet Office), NIINO Takashi (President and CEO, NEC Corporation), and UEDA Naonori (Fellow, NTT Communication Science Laboratories; Vice Director, Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, RIKEN) gave speeches.

Finally, a panel discussion entitled “The future society that the concept of 'Society 5.0' aims to realize” was held with HIGASHINO Teruo (Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University; Vice Manager, iLDi) as moderator and Hongbin Zha (Professor of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University), ISHIGURO Hiroshi (Professor (Distinguished Professor), Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University), UEDA Naonori, and HASEYAMA Miki (Advisor to the President, Hokkaido University; Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University) as panelists. Prof. Higashino summed up the presentations held during this panel discussion. This kickoff symposium shared the possibility of the concept of Society 5.0 with many participants, giving added impetus to promoting the concept.

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