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Osaka University Co-Creation Festival 2018: Osaka University Co-Creation Day @ EXPOCITY -- "Let's Have Fun with OU!" held


To celebrate the launch of the Osaka University Co-Creation Bureau, the Osaka University Co-Creation Day @ EXPOCITY -- "Let's Have Fun with OU!" was held on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at LaLaport EXPOCITY as the second part of the Osaka University Co-Creation Festival 2018 with the aim of deepening exchange between corporations, local municipalities, and regional society. A total of over 19,000 individuals of all ages attended the event, from families with small children, couples, and groups, making for a lively venue. This was the first time that Osaka University presented its activities, including its research results, on such a large scale in a commercial facility.

Hikari Plaza on the 1st floor of the venue

Thirty-eight booths by undergraduate schools, laboratories, and student groups were set up on the day of the event in order for attendees to learn more about cutting-edge knowledge, research results, and valuable materials at Osaka University. There were also hands-on experiences for children, with faculty, staff, and students explaining the activities in an easy-to-follow format.

There was also a sticker rally at the venue that saw attendees visiting various booths at the event. Over 1,200 attendees who completed the sticker rally were awarded with a "degree" from Dr. Wani and some OU merchandise.

Attendees had lots of good things to say about the event:

"I feel a lot closer to OU."

"(from a parent) The staff at the event were very kind, it was a great experience for my kids."

"(from a child) I want to study at a university."

Some scenes from the booths

Some photos from the student organization booths

OU's mascot Dr. Wani also makes an appearance.

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