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Osaka University Crowdfunding has begun! Press conference held with READYFOR INC


On Friday, October 26, 2018, Osaka University, in a joint effort with READYFOR INC. (Headquarters: Bunkyo, Tokyo; President & CEO: MERA Haruka), started the crowdfunding program “Osaka University Crowdfunding,” aimed at revitalizing research through donation acquisition.

The first stage of this program began on October 26 with the following 3 projects:

“Tekijuku: OGATA Koan and his pupils – An illustrated record of its 180 year history” (October 26 ~ December 27)

“Delivering the virtues of kofun [tombs] into the future – 3D measurement project for excavated items from the Nonaka kofun” (October 26 ~ December 25)

 “Nose Ningyo-joruri [puppet theater] Rokkakuza – The long-awaited performance at Osaka University (tentative title)” (November 9 ~ December 26) (planned)

At the press conference, Executive Vice President YOSHIKAWA Hideki spoke about the significance of this partnership, saying, “In order to further develop education and research, we need unique financial bases. This crowdfunding program will also serve as a great opportunity to gather interest in research activity.”

Following this, MERA Haruka (President & CEO, READYFOR INC.) talked about future prospects for the partnership, saying, “I want to create fun projects from Osaka.”

Later on, Associate Professor MATSUNAKA Kazuhiro of the Tekijuku Commemoration Center gave an explanation about the project regarding Tekijuku, Professor TAKAHASHI Teruhiko of the Graduate School of Letters gave an explanation about the project regarding the Nonaka kofun, and Professor NAGATA Yasushi gave an explanation about the project regarding Nose Ningyo-joruri.

Special guests from Nose Ningyo-joruri Rokkakuza were also in attendance at the press conference, creating a lively atmosphere.

Osaka University Crowdfunding (link in Japanese)

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