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2018 Autumn Graduation Ceremony held


The Autumn Graduation Ceremony at Osaka University was held in the Convention Center on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Degrees were conferred upon a total of 238 graduates, including 21 bachelor's, 74 master's, 140 doctorate/juris doctor's degrees, as well as 3 graduates from the Program for Leading Graduate Schools.

At the ceremony, President NISHIO Shojiro first introduced comments from international students who served as volunteers in aiding the recovery of the region from the natural disasters that occurred over the summer. President Nishio also had a message of encouragement for the graduates, saying, "Scientists and specialists search for truth, and, at the same time, pursue within society that one thing. I think you all may know what that one thing already is—the heart of a volunteer." He continued: "Whether or not you’re scientists or specialists, it is necessary to see the world from the point of view of the people on the street and to feel the  same wind blow between us." President Nishio closed his speech by saying, "As scientists and specialists, remember to take care of your own wants and desires, and weigh your own personal 'wills' to the 'wills' of the people. As citizens of this global world, please make it full of happiness together with its people."

To view President Nishio's graduation speech in its entirety, visit the links below:

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