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Some 280 in attendance for the Osaka University Alumni Reunion in Fukui!


On Saturday, August 18, the Osaka University Alumni Reunion was held for the very first time in Fukui City. Some 280 members of the OU Family were in attendance, the majority of which were OU and Osaka University of Foreign Studies alumni from the Hokuriku, Kansai, Shikoku, and Tokai regions.

Junior and senior high school students from the area also attended an explanatory session on Osaka University that was held prior to the reunion.

At the ceremony/lecture, OU President Shojiro NISHIO provided some campus updates, while Kunio NOJI (Chairman of the Board, Komatsu Ltd.; 1969 graduate, School of Engineering Science) and Eizo KOBAYASHI (Chairman, Itochu Corporation; 1972 graduate, School of Engineering Science) gave greetings to those in attendance. Following this, Kei TSUKIYAMA (Author; 1992 graduate, School of Letters) gave an interesting, and sometimes amusing, lecture about her path to becoming an author as well as OGATA Koan and Tekijuku. Attendees listened intently to her lecture, which she closed by saying, "I was shown just how cool it is to study at university."

At the social gathering, a toast was given by Osaka University Fukui Alumni Association Chair Yukitoshi MAEDA (1968 graduate, School of Engineering), whose cooperation was pivotal for organizing and running this event. Those in attendance rekindled old friendships and even made some new ones, making for a lively, pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the Osaka University Sake Club spoke about their club activities, and in the second half of the gathering, a group of volunteers primarily consisting of members of the Osaka University Fukui Alumni Association joined in singing all of the dormitory songs from (the former) Osaka High School, livening the venue and delighting those in attendance.

The gathering concluded with a passionate message from Chairman Tadashi SANO of the Kagawa Icho Association (1973 graduate, School of Engineering) announcing next year's Osaka University Alumni Association in Kagawa.

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