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[Earthquake-related] A message to students from Executive Vice President KOBAYASHI


Dear Students,

 It’s been a week since the earthquake that struck northern Osaka on June 18. We all encountered the earthquake in different situations: some of us were at home, some were on the way to university, and some were already on campus, and we all felt its effects differently, with some individuals suffering damages following the earthquake. I wish to send my heartfelt condolences to those affected by the earthquake.

 To international students, this earthquake was something that you may have never experienced before, and I’m sure it was a terrifying situation for you. Currently, at the Information Room for International Students (IRIS) in each campus’s Center for International Education and Exchange, we are responding to any concerns and issues that international students may have. Health consultations are also being performed at the Health and Counseling Centers. Please do not hesitate to utilize either of these services.

 At OU, immediately following the earthquake, our first priority was to confirm the safety of our students, faculty, and staff members. We also investigated any damages to educational and research facilities on campus and are now preparing to resume our activities in education and research. There is still a possibility of aftershocks and some buildings are not yet able to be used, but we were able to resume our educational activity as usual.

 Having said that, not everyone can simply return to their normal, everyday lives. In the vicinity of the university, many individuals are still suffering the effects of this disaster.

 Osaka University’s motto is “Live Locally, Grow Globally.”

 When we at the university are faced with a disaster situation, we need to give thought to the situation of the people in the affected area to decide what each of us can do for those affected by the disaster and take action.

 There are already a number of students, faculty, and staff members volunteering in the region to support individuals affected by the earthquake. We would like to show our utmost respect to these individuals and wholeheartedly support their volunteer activity. We’re sure other individuals hope to help earthquake victims. Those looking for volunteer opportunities are encouraged to contact local social welfare councils (see below for details) and get involved in volunteer activity.



Executive Vice President of Education and Admission, Osaka University



• Contact: Council of Social Welfare (Deguchicho, Suita)

• Volunteer applications are accepted: 9 am ~ 5:30 pm (weekdays)

• TEL: 06-6339-1205 or 06-6339-1254



• Contact: Social Welfare Council (in front of Ibaraki-shi Station)

• Volunteer applications are accepted: 8:45 am ~ 5:15 pm (weekdays)

• TEL: 072-627-0086



• Contact: Social Welfare Council (Senbanishi, Minoh)

• Who can volunteer: Individuals living, working, or attending school in Minoh

• Volunteer applications are accepted: 9 am ~ 5 pm (weekdays)

• TEL: 072-749-1535



• Contact: Social Welfare Council (Okakaminocho, Toyonaka)

• Who can volunteer: Individuals living in Toyonaka

• Volunteer applications are accepted: 9 am ~ 5:15 pm (weekdays)

• TEL: 06-6841-9393


[Points of Caution]

• Safety is the number one priority for volunteers. (Hydration can help you avoid heat stroke.)

Volunteers must take out volunteer insurance before starting volunteer work. (Volunteering is an extracurricular activity, so volunteers are not covered by Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS, Gakkensai) and Liability Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (LSR, Gakkenbai).

• Volunteers can purchase insurance for volunteers at the Disaster Relief Volunteer Centers at Social Welfare Councils for about 500 yen.

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