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Damages and response from Osaka University to the earthquake in northern Osaka

One week has passed since the earthquake that struck northern Osaka. At OU, on the day of the earthquake, the Osaka University Disaster Response Headquarters were established, led by President Nishio. The headquarters gathered information regarding the safety of students, faculty, and staff members and damage suffered at the university and responded appropriately.

Damages at the university and the university's response are as follows:

1. Damage Situation

(1) Personal injuries (as of June 26)

Deaths: 0

Injuries: 79 (72 students, 1 researcher, 4 faculty and staff members, 1 patient, 1 other)

(2) Property damage


• Multiple accounts of partial damage to outdoor staircases, damage to rooftop equipment, shattered glass, cracks in outer/inner walls

• Elevator stoppage (259 elevators have resumed operation as of June 21)

• Emergency risk assessment carried out from June 18~22

• 4 buildings unavailable for use (1 of those was reopened on June 20)

[Equipment-related damages]

Damage to electron microscope at the Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy, multiple reports of damage at other research and experimental facilities

(3) Lifelines

Gas -- Partial stoppage (resumed on June 18)

Electricity -- Partial outage (resumed on June 18)

Water -- Due to damages in piping, partial suspension of water supply/leaks (resumed on June 18 after emergency response)

2. Disaster response situation

(1) Disaster Response Headquarters

June 18 -- Established Disaster Response Headquarters (Chairman: President)

7 meetings held (until June 25)

(2) Students

June 18 -- Began confirming safety of students

All classes and extracurricular activities cancelled (through June 19)

June 20 -- Classes resumed in classrooms deemed safe to use

June 25 -- All classes resumed (excluding some lab lessons)

(3) Faculty and Staff

June 18 -- Notice from Personnel Division regarding safety when commuting and flexible handling of work attendance

Confirmation of safety and individuals unable to return home (N/A)

(4) Osaka University Hospitals

[Osaka University Medical Hospital]

June 18 -- Only emergency outpatients and surgery patients treated

Established a triage area (area to determine emergency levels of injury/illness)

Accepted patients from the damaged National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Hospital (16 individuals)

Established a Disaster Medical Assistance Team ( DMAT) (dismissed on June 19)

June 19 -- Treatment for outpatients and surgery patients resumed normal schedule

[Osaka University Dental Hospital]

June 18 -- Leaks due to pipe damage, office closure due to water damage to medical equipment

June 21 -- Resumed operations

(5) Osaka University Libraries

June 18 -- Books and bookshelves damaged in all 4 libraries, all libraries closed

June 21 -- All libraries open (Partial opening in 3 of 4)

(6) Radiation facilities, etc.

June 18 -- Emergency inspection of radiation facilities, nuclear fuel handling facilities, and gene recombination facilities resulted in no abnormalities

(7) Tekijuku (Historic Site/Important Cultural Asset)

June 18 -- Closed due to cracks and falling away of outer wall, overturned stone garden lantern, and cracks in inner wall

June 26 -- Resumed operations

(8) On-campus nurseries

June 18 -- All nurseries (3) closed

June 20 -- All nurseries resumed operations

3. Evacuation situation (students)

(1) Partial destruction of residences

5 individuals

(2) Number of voluntary evacuees (students)

June 19 -- 140 individuals

June 20 -- 102 individuals

(3) On-campus consultation office (evening hours)

June 21~24 -- 7 individuals (total during the period)

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