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A Message from President Nishio


It's been one week since the earthquake that struck northern Osaka. In that time, we've received warm, encouraging messages from a number of educational and research institutes from both inside Japan and from overseas. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your uplifting words.

As the days passed, we were informed of more and more injuries to students, faculty, and staff members at the university, as well as damages to buildings and facilities on campus. Some experimental facilities have not yet been cleared for use, but we are currently working hard to speed along the investigation process to ensure the safety of these facilities.

Students, faculty, and staff members at OU, especially international students, many of whom were faced with a terrifying situation far from home, were taken in by and received outstanding care at relief shelters in local municipalities. We'd like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the individuals at these relief shelters in the local municipalities of Minoh, Suita, Ibaraki, and Toyonaka, as well as international exchange associations in the area and regional volunteers.

Even now, we still can't rule out the possibility of aftershocks in the area, but thanks to you all, almost all classes are up and running on their normal schedules.

Osaka University's motto is "Live Locally, Grow Globally."

When we at the university are faced with a disaster situation, we need to give thought to the situation of the people in the affected area to decide what each of us can do for those affected by the disaster and take action.

We will also use this experience to work to construct a system that can respond quickly and effectively to support those affected by disasters as well as OU students, faculty, and staff.

Last but not least, we'd like to once again offer our heartfelt condolences to those affected by the earthquake.

Shojiro NISHIO

President, Osaka University

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