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Osaka University and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Conclude Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement


Osaka University (President: Shojiro NISHIO) and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO; Chairman: Hiroyuki ISHIGE) have concluded a comprehensive collaboration agreement that aims to create a rich, intellectual society while respecting the basic missions of both organizations in society.

The two parties signed this agreement for the purpose of promoting international development in academic research, human development, and industry-university collaboration through mutual cooperation in the fields of academia, education, culture, and industry, eventually contributing to the development of Japan and the Kansai region as well as the fostering of human resources.

This opportunity will allow Osaka University and JETRO to deepen their collaboration and make efforts to develop Japan and the Kansai region and foster human resources by focusing on the endeavors listed below.

1. Building Innovation Together Through International Industry-University Collaboration

  • Osaka University, together with JETRO, with some 70 locations overseas, will promote industry-university collaboration with overseas corporations and Japanese corporations operating overseas.
  • Osaka University, together with JETRO, which supports the development of innovative projects overseas, will support the advancement of university ventures abroad using new technology and services owned by the university.

2. Developing High Level Global Human Resources and Establishing them in the Kansai Region

  • Osaka University will promote collaboration with JETRO in order to foster diversity in human resources at Osaka University and companies backed by JETRO by developing human resources through career support activities, such as social gatherings between OU students and companies backed by JETRO and internships of OU students at such companies.

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